IMAP vs. POP Email Setup

            IMAP and POP are two methods for delivery of emails. Every time you set up an email client you get to choose one of them. There are some differences between them so it is up to you to choose which one you will use.

What Is IMAP All About

            IMAP is an abbreviation of Internet Message Access Protocol. With this method you can log-in to a few different email clients and check out your same email messages, because IMAP method stores the emails on a mail server instead on your computer. When you use this method, you are basically using your email client to get access to the mail server where you can manage your emails. With IMAP you can access your email messages using different devices, and everything you modify, change or delete will be synchronized with all email clients that you are using. A thing to know regarding this method is that your email inbox might fill up very quickly if you receive or send large number of messages due to the fact they are stored on the mail server.

What is POP All About

            POP, or Post Office Protocol, is a method through which your emails are downloaded and stored on your computer and after that they are removed from the server. Basically, you are using your inbox in a same way as post office box. When you access your emails with this method, copies of messages are stored locally while originals get erased from the mail servers. Your emails are connected to one device, so you cannot access your messages from another device or email client. There is no synchronization like in the IMAP method, so every folder you create and organize with one email client it cannot be synchronized and replicated to another email client. The POP method is ideal for those email users that prefer using one email to access their messages. It is also great for those that want to have larger space for email storage.

Which Method Is Better To Use

            This largely depends on your personal preferences and in which way you want to get your emails. If you have several devices for checking, responding and sending emails then using an IMAP method is better because it allows you access from different types of devices and email clients. Everything is synced, so if something happens to your smartphone or computer, you do not have to worry whether you will lose valuable information because all emails are stored on the mail server. If you wish to use one device and want all your emails to be accessed even offline, then you can go for POP method. Emails are always stored on your smartphone or computer, but if something happens to them then you will lose your messages.  Therefore, use POP if you want to use one email client and one device and if you have limited storage for emails, and use IMAP if you use different devices for checking emails and if you want all of them to be synchronized.