Best Free File Conversion Sites

File conversion is something that every person needs at some point. We sometimes receive files in certain formats or we create files that need to be converted before used for something or sent to someone. It does not matter whether it is PDF, JPG, DOC, BMP, WAV or MP3 – all types of files can be easily converted into something different. The following are the best free file conversion sites where you can convert various types of files in one place. Check them out and use them for your personal needs whenever you want.

  • Convert.Files is a simple site where you have many options for converting different files. Locate your file or type its URL in order to start the process. Then you need to select the desired format and just hit the button Convert. You can also get the direct link of the file straight to your email inbox. As soon as the file conversion is completed, just type on the link to get your file.
  • is another great file conversion site. Browse to find your file and upload it directly to the website. There are plenty of supported file types to choose from, so find the type you need and then choose between audio, image, video, eBook, document or archive converter. Using the site is easy – just press Convert File and that is it.
  • FileZigZag supports audio, video, image, document and archive file formats. This file converter is email-based, so you first need to upload your file that needs converting, select appropriate format, and enter your email address to receive the converted file. Good about this site is that when you file gets converted you get a chance to review it before approving it and receiving it in your email inbox. If you do not like it you can delete it. The converted file is stored for three days on their server so you can obtain it later in case you change your mind.
  • Convertio is a site that allows quick file conversion. Upload your file and then choose the desired format for conversion. All formats are available and pretty good thing about this site is that you can simultaneously convert several files at once. After conversion is completed you can save the new files on cloud storage or in Google Drive if you want.
  • FreeFileConvert has several thousand combinations for file conversion, which makes it very popular place for searching and finding some less known formats. If you have a file that is not that common and that needs to be converted, then FreeFileConvert is the top site to use. At this site you can convert up to five different files at once but they need to be of the same type. Conversion and download is done very quickly, so this site works very smoothly. You can review every file format that is available and you really have nothing to worry about if you choose this site for conversion of your files.