Why Do People Prefer Apple Over Microsoft

            Apple has a very good reputation in the world of technology. One of its biggest strengths and positive sides is that they are designing their own software and hardware. That gives Apple a pole position in the field as they have the power to create and sell operating systems and apps that are customized and optimized for Macintosh users. Apple is also preferred option because they are looking in the future and planning their new Mac hardware based on what they have at the moment. One of the best characteristics of Apple is that they design everything, from hardware to software, to work without problems.

Main Reasons Why People Prefer Apple

  • Pleasant buying experience and top-notch customer care are some of the main reasons that draw people towards Apple.
  • High quality materials and components used for making their products is another main reason in favor of Apple. In case any error arises after you purchase their product, Apple professionals are there to respond quickly and in professional manner. 
  • Apple products have great visual appeal. Their display panels are hard to beat because latest technology is used for making them.
  • They have their own operating system, which is great for specific types of work. The major operating system releases are free for now, so users love that.
  • The battery life of their computers and other devices is fantastic.
  • Good syncing options, easy sharing and simplicity in connecting are few other reasons in favor of Apple.
  • Their software comes with higher standards. The content creation is perfect, so people love the options they are provided with.
  • A pretty big reason why people prefer Apple is because their Macs have a big resale value. Most other computers and devices lose value over time, but Macs constantly have good resale value.
  • Finally, because of the security that Apple provides. All their systems, app store, strong professionalism, quality security settings, and many other things make Mac owners comfortable. Their machines are rarely compromised by malware or viruses, which is very important thing for any user. 

            These were some of the many reasons why many people prefer using Apple products over Microsoft. Of course, today it is possible you get a Microsoft-operated device with many of the mentioned features, but Apple has done a great job in delivering things as promised. There is no certain rule when it comes to which product to choose. It all depends on what you look for and on your personal taste. Some people feel more comfortable when using Apple products, while others feel the same for Microsoft. You can test and compare both and then see which one you believe is better. The abovementioned reasons are the most common reasons stated by people why they prefer Apple over Microsoft. Consider them, talk with other users, see what they are saying, and if you thing it is right for you – then give Apple a try and see it for yourself.