Shared Hosting vs Dedicated Server

Shared hosting and dedicated server are a couple of web hosting services that have own characteristics and set of options. If you do not know which one is most suitable for you, then check out the following information and make an informed decision.

Shared Hosting

            With shared hosting, many different users are using the same resources from one server. All users that access the server share the bandwidth, cost of storage, and everything else associated with it. Users cannot access other people`s websites or accounts, so shared hosting is pretty safe system. This is a very popular option due to its relatively low cost and easiness of use. Even those that have no computer skills at all can use this method without problems. The provider of services will set up the server and install the software, so then all you need to do is just upload your content. Shared hosting comes with simple and easy to use control panel through which you can manage different things for your website.

            In general, shared hosting is ideal if you do not know how servers are configured and if you do not know or do not want to do the technical maintenance of your website. Also this option is great for those people that want a website for their small businesses and for those that have moderate website traffic of some few hundred visitors per month. If you are new in everything, then shared hosting is great for quick learning because you do not have to configure anything complex regarding configurations.

Dedicated Server

            With dedicated server you are the only person using the server. All server resources are yours to use. You do not share anything, so you have bigger control over operations and configuration. You also have more types of software, services and options to choose from. This option is better if your business is expanding and if you are adding more products and services to provide. It is also good option if you plan to put large number of high-resolution pictures on your website or if you want to do some video streaming. If your needs are changing and you want to have flexibility in making customizations and modifications then dedicated server is right option for you. This option is also pretty good for those that handle some sensitive online transactions and want added security features and improved safety options.

Which One Is The Right Option?

            The most important thing is to consider your needs first before making a decision which option to use. If you are not certain, then a good idea would be to consult experts in the field so they will help you choose the most suitable option for your needs. Usually dedicated server costs a bit more than shared hosting because it provides you with more resources, as well as extra options and features to choose from. Those that do not have necessary technical skills and knowledge would probably benefit more from the shared hosting option.